5 Tips on How to Choose JOY

Hi there, welcome to this post on how to choose joy. These are 5 simple steps that I take to practice gratitude and find joy in the everyday moments. I hope this inspires you to practice one of these tips and apply it to your life.

But first, let’s watch this video that showcases 5 tips on choosing joy!

Tip #1- Find a Good Community

Surrounding yourself with like minded people is essential to finding joy in your everyday. You are constantly around them and they should bring out the best in you. From personal experience from leaning into these precious friends they challenge me to become a better person. They believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. They are true and constant. We have a community that is steadfast and oh so sweet!

Tip #2- Laugh More!

I love laugher and I firmly believe it’s good for the soul! I can confidently say that some of my best memories that bring me joy are when I’m truly being myself and every single memory has laughter in it. It’s just something about letting go, being free and giving yourself that permission to have fun and laugh! I promise it will make your day and bring you constant joy!

Tip #3- Create a Best Moments Lists & a joy List!

One of my all time favorite people to follow is Rachel Hollis. If you don’t follow her or know her I suggest to go check out her books, podcasts, & social media. It is all things good. She is your personal hype girl and is a constant reminder to practice gratitude and to go after your goals.

Anyways, in one of her courses that I took when Covid-19 first started she talked about making a joy list and a best moments lists. A joy is a list, you can put it in your notes tab or write it out on paper, but it’s a list of things that bring you joy! Mine has so many things on it. Such as, watching the sunset, listening to music, slow Sunday mornings and so much more! It’s a simple way to remember what brings you joy.

For the best moments lists this is an ongoing lists of some of your all time favorite moments. This allows you to remember them and visit them again in great detail.

I have loved this idea of writing these things down and it reminds me that we experience joy in our everyday moments.

Tip #4- Appreciate the Small Things!

We know that joy and gratitude go hand in hand. Even in my own life I tend to only celebrate the big accomplishments that are important and significant. But we should also celebrate and bring light to the small things, they are just as important. For example, celebrating that you made it through the week and weren’t late to anything, or that you completed all your task for the day. These are small victories that we shouldn’t discard. They are important and help shape us into who we are and bring joy into our lives. It’s all about shifting your mindset to appreciate the small things.

Tip #5- Be in a JOYFUL state of mind!

For myself personally I often think that someone or something is going is bring me joy and happiness. But from experience I know that’s not true. I determine what brings me happiness and joy.

I ultimately decided if I’m going to have a good day, if I am going seek out the small moments in life, if I’m going to wholeheartedly love the person in front of me that day. The choice is up to us. It takes practice, grace and consistency to be in a joyful state of mind. But I know that it’s worth it. If I can do it, you can too!

In conclusion, I hope these 5 tips help! Remember to seek out your own joy and it will leave you with a full heart!

Leave your best tips on finding joy below! Check out my other blog posts under the blog section!

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